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Photo taken by B. Newman at the Glamis Adventure Playground in London, UK. 2017.

Hailing from the land of Bernie Sanders, Ben & Jerry’s, and maple creemees, Margaret Downey is a writer, educator, and hobby photographer. She has spent the past few years in an area of New York that is so upstate, most people from Albany have never even heard of it.

Margaret’s writing mixes genres (with a focus on creative nonfiction) in order to best capture moments related to family, childhood, and education. She has experience teaching secondary English in rural communities and is extremely interested in issues surrounding rurality.

Margaret now resides in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she works at a higher education institute and spends her spare time reading, writing, traveling, and playing with her coworkers’ children. Her first publication, “The Month That I Taught English, We Had Prisoners Running Through Our Backyards,” appeared in the Spring 2017 issue of Creative Nonfiction Magazine.